Do people often ask
where you are?

Wether you're a digital nomad coding an app from Bali πŸ’», working remotely from home 🏑, or in vacation πŸ–, you have better things to do than answering that question over and over!

Get your status page and let it answer your friends, family and/or coworkers without ever being bothered.
Finding ...

and forget

Working remotely? On vacations? In New York?

Your statuses can be anything you want people to know.

Like for a calendar, choose when they should apply, if they're recurrent and if you are available or not at that time.

Starting tomorrow
Every week, from monday to wednesday
Working remotely
morning available
Starting next monday
Every 2 weeks on wednesdays
Visiting a client
Available between 2pm and 3pm only
all day unavailable

Timezones made easy

UTC +1h or UTC -7h ?? πŸ€”

Timezones are often confusing, time consuming and prone to errors.

Set timezones for your statuses, and we'll help your visitors understand when to contact you based on their current timezone.

Different timezone
For this status, Gabriel specified a timezone different from yours.
FYI, here is the current date on this timezone ().

your public URL

In you mail signature, on Teams, Mattermost or any other app

Send it to the people who keeps asking with the app you know and use everyday.

Sooooo easy πŸ™Œ

Now we can't tell you what to do with all the time you got back, but we're sure you'll make good use of it.