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Great features for everyone,

Start with a free page, add more features when you need it.

The basic tools to get more time efficient as a nomad worker.
A public status page.
Schedule statuses, add recurrence, forget about them.
Choose timezones for your statuses and let us deal with it :)
Nomad Pro
$2.99 $29.99
monthly yearly
All Nomad features and more.
Your page can be private / invite only.
Get a smart reminder if you forgot to set a status for the upcoming days.
Analytics dashboard to get insights about your visitors.
Follow other users to keep track of their status from within the app.
Nomad Team
$19.99 $199.99
monthly yearly
All Nomad Pro features + more features tailored for team work.
Setup a private subdomain for your team like
Up to 25 status pages for your team members.
Setup smart alerts to know when a status change
You're a pro or a company with custom needs?