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A Special thank you! 👏

The web wouldn't be what it is without "open source" work from lots of developers, designers and photographers !
Well it's also true for WAY :)

Thanks to these great open source projects

  • - Laravel, the PHP framework and its great ecosystem which enable developers to create fast and powerfull apps in minutes
  • - TailwindCSS the utility-first framework which simplifies rapid UI development.
  • - Liwewire, which empowers developers to create reactive UIs while keeping Laravel's power.
  • - AlpineJS, the JS micro-framework to add powerfull interactions without having to use jQuery, Angular or React.
  • - Spatie particularly for their packages eloquent-sortable, laravel-backup, laravel-cookie-consent and laravel-honeypot.
  • - Rémi Lanvin for his great package php-rrule which is really important for the core functionnalities of WAY.

Thanks to designers and photographers

And thanks to the indie maker community

Thanks to all indie developers who share their experience on social networks, particularly :

  • - Pieter Levels, who was a huge part in giving me courage and knowledge to start making apps avoiding going through the "traditional" startup way with fund raising and VCs...
  • - Felix Krause, which page inspired the concept for WAY and made clear that such a page is ...